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FAQ 2019

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April 28, 2019

Frequently asked questions:

How do I register? You must register online and it’s on a first come, first serve basis.  Once registrations are sold out the website will automatically shut off.

What information do I need to start the registration process? You will need a list of all the participants in your group and will need to include their names, addresses and phone numbers.  If you want to camp together you need to register your entire group together at the same time. You will need to know how many boats you are bringing and who will be in each boat.  You can pick from canoe (1-3 people) , kayak (1 person) or “other” (1+ persons).  If you have a 2 person kayak select canoe.

How much does it cost this year? Registration this year will be $50 per person and $50 for a campsite that fits up to, but no more than 4 people and 2 vehicles.

What forms of payment are accepted? Our registration process accepts payment through PayPal and you may use a valid credit card, PayPal account or bank account.

What is the timeline of events?  Registration opens at noon on Friday and goes until 10:30PM.  You may set up camp Friday right after you check in.  All boats should be on the creek by 10:30AM on Saturday.  The creek trip can take as long as you like. There are beverages available at all pit stops but there is no food offered and packing something to eat is recommended.  All boats and participants are shuttled back to the campgrounds at the end of the trip. A free chicken or beef dinner is available at the Fire Hall upon your return.

Once boats are dropped off at the campground how do they get to our campsites? You must retrieve your crafts from the boat drop off area that is located across the street from the Klawitter Road campgrounds.  Be prepared to show them your wristband to prevent boat theft and this area will be manned by volunteers until approximately 10:30PM on Saturday.

The regatta is sold out can I get on a waiting list or will you have more openings?  No.  Once it is sold out we will not under any circumstances accept more participants. Try to get your registration in next year at the beginning of February.

Some of my group backed out on me so can I bring someone else in their place? No. Only the people in your original registration are allowed to attend and participate so please double check the dates and plan accordingly.

I have friends that registered but I didn’t and my friends said I can stay with them is that okay?  No. Once registration is closed there is no more room and camping is for participants only.

What types of facilities are available in the campgrounds?  There are port-a-potty’s set up for your convenience in and around the campgrounds as well as at the pit stops.

What if I still have additional questions? Email [email protected]  DO NOT CALL THE FIRE COMPANY.