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Contacting the Fire Company

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February 12, 2012

Regatta Registrants:   Please be advised that the Great Valley Fireman's Regatta is run by the Fire Department and its officers.  There is no longer a "Regatta Committee".  If you would like information or need to speak with someone in regards to our Regatta the correct email address is Your email will be opened and answered by an Officer of the Company. 

Another "FALSE CLAIM" is that you need a PayPal account to register.  You may use a credit card, e-check (from a regular checking account) or a PayPal account. 

Registrations are coming in at a very steady pace and we may very well sell out again this year.  We can not urge you enough to get your applications in NOW!  If you are typing in requests on the application or emailing them to us, your best chance of getting what you request is to reserve your spots now! 

Registration opens at Noon on Friday May 4th!  Hope to see you there!