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Great Valley Regatta Update

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February 8, 2012


RUMOR:  We will be accepting FEWER applications this year.

TRUTH:  We will be accepting AT LEAST as many as last year.  We did sell out of campsites though so register now to be sure to get a spot.

TRUTH:  Last year we requested more buses then we received from the bus company.   Two of the buses we received broke down.  This year we will make sure to have enough buses to run smoothly just like past years.

RUMOR:  You need a PayPal account to register.

TRUTH: You may pay with a credit card, e-check (from a regular checking account) or with your PayPal account.

TRUTH: We are working on ways to improve the canoe drop off area.  We admit his has always been a problem area and we are trying our best to devise a reasonable solution for the volunteers as well as the participants.

RUMOR:  There are issues with our website.

TRUTH:  Our website is working flawlessly and most of our feedback has been positive.

Regatta registration opens Friday, May 4th at NOON and closes at 11:00PM.  We will open again at 8:00AM on Saturday, May 6th.

Please bring your PayPal receipt when you come. 

One person will be responsible for picking up the entire groups car tags, boat tags, arm bands, etc.

Please chack back often for updated information :)