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Sorry to those who don't make it in.

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March 31, 2013

We would like to explain a little bit about why we can only take so many registrants and why people that don't register do so much harm to our event.

First we would like to thank all of you that do participate on a yearly basis for your continued support.  With out our paid participants there would be no Regatta.  We also would like to sincerely thank you for repeatedly sticking up for us on sites such as Facebook and Yagottaregatta. 

For those that don't make it in, we are truly sorry, but we simply can not safely host any more participants.  With the number of volunteers decreasing every year and the amount of interested participants increasing every year all we can say is, "Please get your registrations in early."  We will be opening registration every year in January and we will sell out within about a months time.

As for all of those that think "just jumping in the creek" or "just hanging out with our friends in the campground"  isn't harming the Volunteer Fire Company or the Regatta, THINK AGAIN!!  Last year a "free loader" that was not registered for the Regatta decided to partake of the festivities.  They decided to float down the creek and then follow their registered friends back to the campgrounds. Admitting that they did not register, did not consume the event sponsored beverages, but did use the provided transportation for themselves and their boat, they proceeded to get drunk, fall and sue.  After the legal issues, fees and hours of wasted time, we now have had to adopt new rules to protect ourselves as well as our participants, land owners and staff.  In the meantime our insurance was canceled, and once we finally found a company that would take us, the policy for "3" days for just the Regatta is going to cost us more that our regular insurance costs us for the entire year!!! 

Though people like to think that this is a HUGE money maker for the department, that's really not true. We pay OUT over 1/3 of what we take in to put the event on.  If our only goal was money, we would have severely raised the rates this year, instead we will simply pay the difference and get on with it. Most of the volunteers that help for this event work really hard and deserve respect for putting up with all that they do.  It's a sad fact, but if the Regatta comes to an end it's going to be because of insurance purposes that are most likely going to arise from yet another unregistered guest.

We urge those that register to continue to support us and be forgiving when we have to change the rules from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control.  We ask those that aren't registered to please think twice before attempting "to just come anyways".  We allow the maximum amount of people that we can accommodate safely and we hate to see Regatta come to end, not just for us, but for all of those that continue to support us every year!  Thank you.