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We're Half Way There!!!!

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March 13, 2012

As of this morning we are booked to ½ capacity.  That doesn’t seem like much on its own, but the important information to note, is that we received more registrations in the last 24 hours then we received in the two weeks prior.  At this rate registration will shut down before the cutoff date of April 14th so get your groups together and register asap! 

We want to remind you to be sure that you register everyone in your group.  Whether you are boating or not, you MUST register to come to Regatta.  Example:  your group has 10 people coming to Regatta and camping but only 4 people boating, the 6 people that aren’t boating still need to register! 

Thank you for your support everyone!  The officers of the Fire Company will be taking our annual pre-regatta trip and we should have a creek report soon!  See you in May!!!!!